Self Love, Nova Supply S/S ’16

Wow, I’ve really missed you all.

You know, it’s weird writing about things on the internet now knowing that some people actually take the time to read it. It’s both flattering and humbling, and the fact that the world continues to spin regardless of whether or not I post anything brings with it a type of burden to make these posts worthwhile. What I’m trying to say is that everything I post here is not only a virtual extension of my thoughts, but a special moment that I’d figure I’d share with all of you. For all your support, thank you.

You might be wondering why I’m suddenly all up in my feels, but I’ll explain why.

First, it’s past midnight and I’m once again stuck in deep thought because insomnia happens to have the same effects as consuming a lot of alcohol, relentless self-reflection and vulnerability. Second, and most importantly, Nova Supply once again has come through with a banger.

First off, if you’ve followed Nova with me since the beginning, you know that this brand is far more than just a clothing brand, it’s an essence that will tap into your deepest emotions and turn the most soulless, heartless, and depressing individual (i.e. me) and transform them into an agent of positivity. I mean, their upcoming collection dropping this Sunday, May 8th, 2016, is called “Self Love.” Their lookbook Self Love 0.5 looks like happiness in a tangible form, and do you know how hard it is to express emotion in a physical manner? The only other time I’ve seen happy emotions portrayed well was when I watched Inside Out, a movie so well-balanced that I cried of both laughter and sadness. It’s the same way with the clothes we buy, isn’t it? We cry tears of joy when we see our favourite pieces, but cry with sadness when we look at our dwindling finances. On the bright side, we’ll all look incredibly dope as we sit around discussing how much our kidneys are worth on the black market. You only really need one to survive, right?

This collection from Nova Supply finally allows for members of the public to buy the camouflage jacket, pink shirt, grey longsleeve, and the olive turtleneck that were initially showcased in Self Love 0.5. And just in case the lookbook wasn’t enough, Clayson and his friend, Emmanuel Rojas (@emmrjs) went for a small photoshoot to remind you that yes, you do indeed need these garments in your life. Not only are they handmade in Canada in limited quantities using only the finest of all handpicked fabrics, Clayson creates these clothes with love. Trust me when I say that the moment you put one of these joints on, you’re going to feel warm hugs all around, courtesy of Clayson. This is science.

And now for a big announcement on Nova Supply’s behalf: there is a giveaway taking place right now that’s giving one lucky winner the opportunity to have a Butter Cream Squash Turtleneck made just for them. The rules are fairly simple, as explained in Nova Supply’s official Instagram post:

That’s it. That is actually it. Follow a dope account, repost a picture with something you love about yourself, say several prayers, collect several lucky relics, figure out ways to eliminate the competition, and hope for the best. I’ve submitted my entry below, bask in its cheesy glory,

I probably shouldn’t be telling you this in order to increase my chances at winning, but the giveaway is open for entries for the next week or two, so go ahead and give it a shot! You can’t look at this piece and tell me you wouldn’t want that. It looks like it’s as cozy as a marshmallow. Man, all this walk about food is making me hungry. Anyhow, below is the picture you can save onto your devices and post it to the ‘gram, just remember to follow @novasupply, and may the best person win.


With that, I say to you, may the odds be ever in your favour.

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