Before you tell me that we’re already almost 2 weeks into the new year, let me tell you that time is but a construct of the human mind that holds no true effect in the our inconsequential lives unless we give it that power, thus invalidating our supposed “free will” over our lives.

In other words, chill guys. At least now I’m sure that you’ve probably given up on your resolutions and decided to settle on reading blogs on the internet.

Here’s the deal, we’ve entered into a new calendar year filled with so many things to look forward to. SO. MANY. THINGS. So let’s get our feet wet with what to expect:

Fashion (clothing): I know, I know. This has been what I usually discuss ever since I started this struggle blog. But in terms of the fashion world, there are already some projections for the Spring/Summer season in regards to what will be trending. Given that the runway has always played a major role in what will be trending, if not downright dictated it (insert Illuminati conspiracy theory here), we will definitely see a heavily ’70s-inspired look mixed with some Western culture, as can be seen from the shows of Junya Watanabe, Gucci, Robert Geller, Raf Simons, Dior Homme, among many others. That means a lot of tucked in shirts, straight-fitting trousers, printed jackets and vests. There’s also going to be a steady flow of baseball/trucker hats and souvenir jackets. Essentially, the dad look is going to be in full effect. Catch your local young adults looking like middle aged parents. The dad steeze is going to be so strong that there might just be another baby boom soon. Of course, this applies for both men and women because let’s be real, the dad look is pretty ill (it also makes for fire pics for the ‘gram). As always, the Rick Owens and Fear of God disciples are going to be lurking in every luxury boutique.

Raf Simons S/S ’16. The “coolest-looking dad ever” look
Rober Geller S/S ’16. The “sophisticated yet moody angst-filled teen look”

Fashion (shoes):

The “Balmain Raf Owens Air Force 1 in collaboration with Yeezy” sneakers.

The last paragraph was getting way too long for your short attention spans so I had to make sure that your ADHD didn’t completely overtake you. As far as footwear goes, expect the Chelsea boot to stay in the game, increases in both fashionable running shoes and so-called “ugly” shoes, and a fucking lot of Jordans. Apparently, retailers should be receiving up to 4 times more Yeezy’s this year, which translates to 4 times the amount of L’s we’ll all take this year. Fear of God is also set to drop their debut military/sneaker hybrid, but let’s be real, the amount of influences of other footwear compared to originality is pretty astounding. I kind of like the beige colour though, if we’re being honest.

Now, now, let’s settle down there. Let’s get one thing off my chest real quick; *inhales deeply* WHERE IS THE ALBUM, FRANK OCEAN? I swear, this dude is probably locked away in some top-secret government facility or something. Anyhow, we have music from Kanye West (SWISH set to release on February 11th, 2016), Rihanna (Anti having yet to have a release date), Megadeth (Dystopia set to release on January 22nd, 2016), Sia (This is Acting set to release on January 29th, 2016), among others such as Gorillaz (set to release an album and OMG THEY’RE SET TO RELEASE A NEW ALBUM), Ariana Grande (anyone that knows me knows how much I love this woman), and that’s barely scratching the surface. Who knows how much great music we’re set to have this year. I’ll probably write small reviews for a few releases given that you guys don’t completely hate me for it. Did I also mention that I’ll be introducing local talent through my blog soon? Really? I haven’t? You guys should really talk to me more often, I’m not actually THAT much of an asshole. But yeah, I’ll be introducing some dope artists to the whole lot (a.k.a. 2) of you. It’s going to be lit.


Photography: Okay, this is one thing that I desperately need to work on. My blog is currently poop when it comes to photographs, mainly because I own a camera phone who’s camera lens have been mysteriously scratched (my phone may or may not have been dropped on a few… several… occasions). As a result, you’ll soon be seeing more artistic photographs for either regular blog posts, or even just random ones that I one day may think to myself, “hey, I should totally do an irrelevant blog post for the hell of it.” Ever since Instagram popped up, it seems like EVERYONE is a “professional” photographer nowadays, usually with an unnecessarily over-inflated ego. This year, expect an abnormally high number of Instagram account all having the same thing written in their bios, a Drake quote followed by contact information, their birth year, and several emojis (most notably the fire and 100 ones). Thankfully, I have friends (surprisingly, I know) who aren’t complete twats like myself who I’ll be introducing to you guys as well.

There’s honestly so much more to cover, but I’m also not trying to have you guys fall asleep on me, feel me? The above are really the biggest things to expect this year, but there’s also movies, shows, books, comic books (yes, I read comics, get over it), but I’ll tap into those every so often and see what results I get from my nearly non-existent audience. So talk with me guys, I want to hear your thoughts on what I’m doing well, and on what I’m completely bricking.

Anyhow, may this year bring you loads of happiness and success and *insert more cheesy positivity here* as long as you’re not lazy twats and work for it.

I also hope you know that you’ve essentially read through my resolutions. Ha.


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