Introducing: Nova Supply Co.

Do you guys still do Netflix & Chill? Is that still a thing or nah?

At least one of you guys are smirking while muttering, “yeah, with your girl. Heh, heh”. Well, do ya boy a favour and swing that password over because I need a better excuse to not study for my upcoming midterms.

But back to Netflix & Chilling. Let’s face it, most of us can’t get a girl to tolerate us for more than a few seconds and drinking coffee by yourself while watching episodes of The Flash can get pretty boring (BUT HOLY SHIT WALLY IS GOING TO MAKE AN APPEARANCE SOON!!!). So instead of cuddling with that pillow or blow-up anime doll filling that void of holding a woman, I bring to you a great substitute.

Nova Supply Co.

Besides sounding cool, the name “Nova Supply Co.” is pretty self-explanatory. The word “Nova” is a Latin word meaning “new”. Since Latin is now a dead language, it makes it sound cooler and much more intriguing than using its English counterpart. And that’s what this brand is, a new, modern take on the everyday basics that everyone should own. Founded in 2012 by Clayson Fletcher, the goal was to make clothing that was both comfortable, yet stylish. As said by the man himself in a super low-key interview with me a.k.a. through Facebook messenger,

Nova is all about being comfortable, yet very stylish at [the] same [time]. Our saying is “dirty but clean.” meaning we push the envelope on clean and timeless clothing, yet have a little extra oomph or most would say: provocativeness. We hold no boundaries when it comes to fashion.

But you guys are cynical, aren’t you? Well, here’s a promo video he made not too long ago which showcases some of the pieces he’s designed in some dope fits. Like, if I didn’t know this was a promo video, I would have thought that this was a struggle Jazz video with fire fits.

As with all clothing brands, there are pieces that are made without the intention of selling to the public. As a result, Nova Supply Co. made these two dope pieces that are 1-of-1s meaning that the dope mandarin collar button-up shirt you see there? Yeah, IT’S NOT FOR SALE SMH.

 What you see here are essentially two basics that everyone should have in their closet. But as Clayson says,

Well these piece really define what Nova is about. Clean, timeless, and a little provocative all at the same time. I don’t really make one of ones. I usually do little projects and I end up making [a] piece I really enjoy but wouldn’t want to duplicate for other[s], but I end up selling it because I want someone to feel special in the piece I made. That’s what gives me peace of mind, knowing someone else is out there comfortable and feeling special in what I made, there’s nothing better than that.

A.k.a. HE COULDN’T SWING YA BOY A PIECE BECAUSE WE’RE NOT THE SAME SIZE. HOW CAN I ENJOY THE  COMFORTABILITY  OF THE BLUE COTTON JERSEY TEE AND THE DOPENESS OF THE BUTTON-UP IF THEY’RE THE ONLY PIECES  AVAILABLE? Like, do you see the stitching detailing? Do you guys even care about the small details like the stitching and the way it’s woven? Well, you should. Honestly, it seems like I was shown these pictures simply to be flexed on.

On a serious note though, that’s what makes Nova Supply Co. much more different and sophisticated compared to all the brands that are out there selling basics. Nova Supply Co. prides itself on making well-made basics that will help keep you comfortable while you watch Narcos alone because despite having a dope fit on, your charm with women is still non-existent.

Nova Supply Co.’s upcoming collection follows a food theme, called “Sunday’s Desert”, with pieces such as “Vanilla Sundae”, “Potato and Molasses”, and “Brown Sugar”. When asked about the best piece to Netflix & Chill in, he responded with,

Well there this cream sweater that’s part of the collection that I have yet to display, but it’s extremely cozy and soft. Perfect for anyone who wants that snuggle feel

Well there you have it folks. I bring to you Nova Supply Co. The unofficial sponsor of Netflix & Chill. I’m banking on this sweater being called “Flan” or “Custard”. The pieces above? I don’t know, “Blue Cheese” and “Salt and Pepper” maybe?

So instead of constantly looking over your Grailed fitting room, check on Nova Supply Co.’s website often for the new collection coming soon. I can guarantee you that the clothing will be substantially less expensive than that Haider Ackermann sweatshirt you want.

Follow Clayson on the ‘gram here and the official brand account here for all updates. Make sure to tell him that some guy on the internet told you to check him out. Drop a follow and several “fire” and “hundred” emojis on his pictures of Nova Supply’s clothing while making a futile effort to convince him to make you that mandarin collar button-up.

It’s not going to work. Trust me, I’ve tried.

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